AFP general probed for possible insubordination case

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N.B. – This article was first published on Asian Correspondents, Aug. 17, 2010. This article was subjected to a class workshop for my Journalism 117 (Online Journalism). Comments for revision for this article includes improvement of use of adjectives and adverbs as to proper and minimal use of modifiers, tighter sentences and clearer syntax.


By Paul Belisario

Manila, Philippines – Goodbye top post. Hello possible insubordination raps.

The Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) put controversial Rear Admiral Feliciano A. Angue under investigation for insubordination after continuous complaints of ‘demotion’ up until he bids goodbye to National Capital Region Commander (NCRCom) troops earlier today.

AFP spokesperson Brigadier General Jose Mabanta said Angue’s cries are “uncalled” for. Airing grievances to the media and tainting the image of AFP is against Article 5, section 4.3 of the AFP’s code of ethics.

Angue, in his farewell speech at the NCRCom’s flag raising ceremony, said for 32 years of service, it was his first time to witness the humiliation of demotion.

Last Thursday night, President Benigno Aquino III approved revamp recommendations for senior military officers given by the AFP Board of Generals.

From his three-star position as NCRCom Chief, Angue was reassigned as commander of Naval Forces Western Mindanao Command in Zamboanga City, perceived as a lower position at two-star rank.

Mabanta said that Angue has no reason to reject re-assigment because it is their oath to move by orders.

However, complaints may be pushed before a committee for military grievance processing if questions on assignments are heard, he said.

Earlier last week, Angue revealed to media that senior military leaders participated in cheating the 2004 presidential elections to favor then administration bet and former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

These high ranking officials, who were promoted instead of being punished, must be the subject of the Truth Commission‘s investigations, he added.

Angue took the top NCRCom post after his controversial appointment with other members of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1978, where former President Arroyo is an honorary member.


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